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Youtube Marketing
Youtube Marketing

Youtube Marketing

YouTube Marketing is a part of Google Ads. But Here you can promote videos which creates better Awareness among the People about your business or service. YouTube Generate 1 Billion views per day. It’s number 2 search engine people use most in the world. So Advertising is YouTube is one of the best options you should choose when you go to Digital Marketing. YouTube has a high percent of getting quality leads and Customers because you can explain in the video what service or product exactly you provide.

There are Two main way of Displaying your Advertainment in


1. Discovery Ads (Display your Ads in front for Keywords you

Youtube Marketing
Youtube Marketing


2. Display Video Ads (This Ads run in between some videos which

are related to your business and it make 30 sec compulsories

for the people to watch the videos.

Unlike Facebook YouTube Cost per view. You will be charged

depending upon how long the people has watched your video.

YouTube has all the option for Targeting people what the other

digital marketing platforms have like Demography, people interest

options. Apart from this YouTube has home income target which will

target the people depending upon their income but it works only in

few of the Country.