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Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore

Marketing plays a vital role in the growth of a company. Digital Marketing has now become a necessary part of reputed companies to grow and to expand their business.

pros of Digital Marketing

  • Establish more marketing share irrespective of the size of business.
  • Digital Marketing is one of the best tools to reach the targeted Audience
  • Compare to traditional marketing Digital Marketing is cheaper and gives more ROI.
  • It helps companies to build market share in this competitive world.
  • Digital Marketing acts as a chain to connect the audience throughout the world.

The two main sources of Digital Marketing are Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Talking about the cost of social media is much less compared with other media. They cost you based on the impression / Conversion or PPC.

Digital Marketing makes it easy for Analysing your Ad report which can be used for detailed targeting of People. The Main Advantage of Social Media Marketing is retargeting you can run ads only for people who have already visited your website or engaged with your business


Software Development Company in Bangalore

As a Software Development, we build customized applications and software that helps companies to ease their work.

We Rapidoword is a Young Software Development Company in Bangalore with skilled people working together as a team to provide solutions to your business digitally and technically.

We do an innovative thing and provide solutions for complex problems. Few of our achievements developing an international recharge Applications, Appointment System, Person Tracking Application and More.

Our Mobile & Web Application makes easier to connect with your customers and clients allow you to keep track and update them with your latest products & information.

Website Development Company in Bangalore

Only a website can work for you 24*7 that no employee can work for you. In creating such a website Rapidoword Technologies a Website Development Company in Bangalore will develop with much care, user-friendly and mobile-friendly.

Our websites are always mobile-friendly and SEO Optimized. We use one of the best CMS (Content Management System ) WordPress for Developing Portfolio &  E-commerce websites. The advantage for the customer is they can update their content frequently without our help no coding skill is required. Basic computer knowledge is enough.

It does not mean that we don’t use coding. For Designing customized Applications and website we use HTML5, Bootstrap CSS, and Js. Which gives an attractive UI/UX Design.


Applications (Ready to Move)

Application is a part of integrating different functionality together into one application which compactable with Mobile and Computers. This Application can perform multiple tasks at the same time. Which makes our work easier and faster.

Few of our Applications include Custome HRM, Custome CRM, Recharge Application, GPS based Tracking System, E-commerce System, Appointment System.

If our Applications does not meet your requirement you have to find a developer to develop that software. But we can re-engineer the existing software and add additional functionality to meet your requirements. This will save you time and money.


API (Ready to use)

This Feature is very useful for Developers and SAAS Companies. We have ready to use API’s which can be directly integrated with the existing applications. which can help to extent the options and features in your application.

Our Team will provide support in integrating with your applications. This saves your time and money for developing a  API which is already there

API Development
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