Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore

Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore

India has one of the biggest market in the world because india is the second most populated country in the world. India is also the second largest users of the internet which makes it easy for the companies to promote their product through Digital Marketing.

Comparing to other Marketing’s Digital Marketing gives the highest ROI.

The Main advantage of Digital Marketing is that it shoots for all the size business. With Digital Marketing you can promote your product both locally and Globally.

The Ads Delivery system is also well tuned in Digital Marketing that you can decide for which category of people my Ads should be shown. 

Unlink other marketing the  Digital Marketing gives you a Perfect report.

The Retargeting and Data Collection are the main advantages of digital marketing.

You can also do a survey reports, Connect to people’s easily which makes it a best Marketing Media. 


Lead People What They want

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing

Today in 2019 Social Media is become a part of our day to day life. In India people spend 2 Hrs Average on social media daily.

So social media has become one of the important media for Advertisement.

You can use Social Media for all size of business and with much lesser budget. You can also do it free of cost by creating some informative images and videos.

We help in creating and optimizing your social media post regularly. The organic promotions require lot of content creation & time. It can’t be optimized to deliver to a particular set of people.

on another hand Running Paid Campaigns. If you have the right strategy and targeted right audience you can get much ROI in the paid campaigns. We analyses you business carefully and run campaigns which gives you a much returns.   

Understand your Business

As a Digital Marketing Agency our primary goal is to understand our client business. So that we can make a strategy that fit for our client

Analysing Your Business

Once we understand your business we will do a details analysis about your business in online. So that we can identify what your competitors are performing. what we can do better than them

Running Ads for Your Business

By this time our team has planned a strategy and define the audience who has to be targeted and started promoting your business throughout the social media.

Optimizing Your Ads for better performance

Once Ads started our team will carefully monitor your Ads and optimize the Ads to give a better result. Depending up the reports the ads will be optimized.

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.

Search Engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization

Who does not love Traffic to their website. When you get high traffic to your website there’s a possibility of converting more people in to customers or clients. 

There are number of ways you can drive traffic to your website but the highest traffic for your website may come from Search Engine Optimization.  

But in Google Only top 10 pages gets more visitors for their website. So if you need traffic you have to rank in Top 10 for your targeted  keywords.

Our team understand your business and Analysis and makes the best Business keywords. Than we will optimize your website and content for the primary keyword.

SEO is a organic method so depending upon the keyword difficulty and competition it may take 2 Months to 24 Months to ran your websites for sartain keywords.

After ranking your website you have to keep updating your and drive traffic to your website to maintain in the same position.

Now day’s SEO has become a very competitive there are 200 Factors the Google consider for ranking your website. The Google always has to provide good results to their customers. So instarded of thinking what Google needs think about the people and your customer what they want. We work in that way. Once people love’s your website the Google will also love your website.     


Analyzing & Choosing Business Keywords

First we analysis the keywords to which we have to rank. Than we analysis the Traffic and the competition for the particular keywords

Optimizing Your Website

Than we optimize your website with best UI/UX Design and the Speed and Image in your Website.

Optimizing Your Content

We Optimize your header tags and the content in the website and make it informative for the people who visit your website

Share and Drive More Traffic to website

Once your website is ready we will share it on the social media and keep the content updated so more traffic comes for your website.

The buyer journey is nothing more than a series of questions that must be answered

Content Marketing

The content marketing plays an important role in creating a Trust to your Business.

The main goal of content marketing is to explain about your business or product to the people and to address their questions they have about your business or Product

Well few people thing that a content marketing is all about writing new content. But i am afraid that’s not true creating videos about your product and business is also a content marketing. Videos and Audios also play an important role in content marketing.

Once you have a beautiful content it’s time for you to let the people know about your new content so now you should promote your content.

The advantage of content marketing is that it creates a trust for your business and also help to reach a very high quality customers and client for your business. 

So for a content marketing you need a Agency who works closely with your business and update it on a regular basis. We always work closely with our client and always here what our clients says.

YouTube is the Best Source for Content Marketing

Video Creation & YouTube Marketing

Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time​.

Ya nowadays people are more like to watch videos instead of  reading blog post or Article.

So making videos for your business has become an important aspects to grow your business in the world of Digital.

YouTube has become a very big platform for the people who not only love videos and also for the people who also create videos.

There are few factores before you make videos. Good video and audio and a little editing skills to make your video look premium.

We are always there to help you out.

We create product related videos and Explanation videos for your business and rank and promote them on YouTube.  

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand

Branding & Identity

Branding and Identity

Branding is one of the key success for many big companies that are out there today. Branding is not just putting some images and content regularly on social media and on your website. It’s all about reputation.

We Rapidoword will not only promote your business we also create a review and feedback sections so that you can know what people things about you. 

The best thing you can do for repetitions is to fulfill your customer requirements. In that way that customer will have a positive thought about your company and he will also refer your company with his friends and family. 

You can’t simply get the Branding & Identity you have to earn it. By earning the trust of the people.    


Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires

Affiliate Marketing


One of the finest thing in Digital Marketing is Affiliate Marketing. It’s like hole set of people working to sell or brand your product for a small amount of commission.

In our day to day like we also see and sometime use affiliate marketing knowing or unknowingly.

“Share this app with your friend and earn Rs. 50” This is a typical example of a affiliate marketing. which few apps like Google pay uses to promote their app.

We Rapidoword have a hole set of software and Management tools which is ready to setup and monitor the Affiliate marketing for your Company.

You can use affiliate marketing in Ecommerce websites, Mobile App and Even on Real Estate business. 

Through affiliate marketing  you can save lot of amount and get more sales because there will be a number of person who works behalf of your company.

The Affiliate marketing will not only bring customers and clients to your business but it also convert them in to Sales person who works for your company.  


People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic

influence Marketing

influence marketing

Selling or promoting your product through a person who is already famous among the people. We use their influence to sell or promote your product.

We Rapidoword Technologies have a big contact among the people who create tech videos on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

We find the best influencer for your product or service and ask them to Talk and Review about your product so that people who trust that influencer are likely to trust your brand and product. You brand will get more views and they can be converted in to Clients and Customers.     

People Get on the Google to Know or Do

Google Ads & PPC

Google Ads

Google is one the biggest platform where Average of 30,000 people use it per second.

It is also one of the largest search engine where 91% of internet users use Google.

It also holds one the biggest video search engine YouTube and the App market Play Store.

So it is one of the best platform for promoting and Converting peoples in to your clients and customers.

There are number of options to promote your business. But you have to choose the best Ads and Objective that fits for your Business.

We Analysis you Business and Create, Monitor and Optimize the campaigns that give the best results for your business.  

Segment Your Campaigns

While running Ads in Google We want to be more specific. So that we can save lot of money and

Be Analytical & Creative

We always key an eye on your campaign and create a daily report about the performance of the campaign and also in creating attractive ad design

Get Granular

We will be targeting only the specific people who are interested and eligible to buy your product

Always Be Relevant

Ads we create and promote should be relevant to your business or it should convey a message about your product or service

Your Landing Page Must Connect With Your Audience

You Landing page should be informative and grand so that people are likely to believe in you and convert in to customers

Let's join hands with us and Grow your Business in the word of Digital

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